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A Little Note from Our Founder & Editor

Jennifer Collins

I have always approached building my wardrobe the way one would collect art. I buy the pieces that I love, the pieces I feel connected to and the pieces that I find represent something intelligent about fashion and the history of design.

I struggle with self-control, especially when it comes to vintage fashion. For fear of never seeing a piece quite like it again, I just cannot seem to resist when something archival calls my name. I want our customers to have the same connection and enthusiasm to the pieces they fall in love with at our store. All my best pieces have a story, whether it’s a story of their discovery or the story of their life with me, they all hold special meaning. PinkClouds has been about building a home for the modern vintage girl and creating a site that celebrates intelligent fashion and emotional shopping.

Starting my own business has been an incredible experience with lots of twists and turns, but one thing has stayed true and that is my love of vintage fashion and the thrill of discovering new pieces, designers, trends and style. It is what gets me. I always say don’t overthink your style - experiment because personal taste will evolve from there. Vintage is about having fun with fashion.

xx JC

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